Friday, May 31, 2013



I instinctively went to the screenplay after I awoke—I normally write before I even have a mug of tea, let alone breakfast—and then remembered that I had finished the work and sent it away.

I felt absolutely lost and quite disoriented. The focus of my life had gone. Gone, I tell you!

I would have made a terrible actor.

Sanity returned as I looked at my backlog of other work, but the feeling of reaction and depression lingered for several hours and I found it near impossible to focus.

Intense focus for weeks on end—seven in this case—absolutely has consequences. There is a reaction similar to that following an adrenalin rush. The solution I always recommend is to have a vacation, or at least get away for a few days. But I won’t be following my own advice in this case for a host of reasons.

Much cheered to receive an invitation to attend Army National Guard training from a military friend. War is a truly terrible thing, but to see the military in action—without being shot at—is fascinating, at least as far as I am concerned. Actually, to be shot at briefly can be quite exhilarating, but to face danger day after day—from such arbitrary weapons such as IDEs, for example—requires a special kind of courage. U.S. troops—that select group who venture outside the wire—have been displaying it for years.

The photo is of my sister, Maxine—who is looking remarkably well. It was taken recently by my marvelous sister, Lucy—a regular hive of activity. Though can one person be a hive?

Maxine’s life is something of a mystery to me, but she trained as an actress and at one stage was highly successful on Irish radio. But she left at the height of her celebrity. She is probably a secret agent. Every family should have one.

I’m very proud of my sisters.

To work!





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