Sunday, May 19, 2013



Of all the writing distractions I have experienced over the decades, the worst—by far—have stemmed from computer problems. I used to rant and rave when I encountered them, but now I’m both more knowledgeable and phlegmatic—and tend to keep my cool. I have learned the futility of doing anything else. Also, more often than not, I can now resolve the issues in question.

In fact, it is now almost exactly three years since I last received external help. Nonetheless, I certainly don’t classify myself as any kind of an expert.

Today’s crop of headaches include:

  • Google not searching correctly (a most unusual occurrence).
  • Some kind of program conflict which locks up both my CPU and RAM over time.
  • Hotmail (which is being re-named Outlook by Microsoft) not working at all.

I have all the normal security precautions installed but I have to wonder whether something nasty hasn’t slipped through the net.

All sane writers should work on Macs. Writers who work on Windows PCs, if not insane initially, soon become so.

Fortunately, FINAL DRAFT, my screenwriting program, is working fine so my intention is to finish up there before the time-consuming ritual of re-loading programs, re-booting and so on.

The most effective thing to do is a fresh install—but that is so time-consuming I have put it off for the time being.

I now expect this phase of the screenplay to be completed by my birthday on May 23—a sort of birthday present to myself. Actually, a very handsome one.


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