Sunday, May 5, 2013



Those who know my Irish background often like to assume that I must feel right right at home in Seattle because the climate is so similar of that of Ireland’s.

I don’t find it so. Ireland is chillier—and rarely features absolutely cloudless days. In fact, one could argue that it rarely features a genuine summer. Seattle, rainy and gloomy though it can be, is definitely ahead on points. I offer the current run of spectacular weather in evidence.

I tried very hard to rest over the weekend—and succeeded to an extent—but still devoted some hours to catching up on this blog. I missed something like 16 days (I blush) but now have only four to fill in. I’m feeling much encouraged. I find it very hard to know the value of this blog—except as a writing exercise—but it means a great deal to me, partly because I never thought I could do it. After all, I have never been able to keep a journal. But here the blog is; and it speaks for itself.

I went exploring in the afternoon and found a new and easier way to walk to the local shopping center. This route features some very pretty—and well maintained—houses and gardens. I should probably say “yards” but a yard to me is an open working area surrounded by farm outhouses.

You would think a walker like me would regularly encounter other walkers, but I rarely do. The CDC recently announced its latest exercise standards and stated that 80 percent of Americans don’t exercise enough. It appears I’m on the edge of acceptability largely thanks to my walking. Personally, I think I don’t walk enough. It promotes thought, and thinking is the precursor of writing.

And what else is there in the world!

All in all, a pretty good day.





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