Wednesday, May 1, 2013



File:John Collier Queen Guinevre's Maying.jpgMay Day! I feel I should grab a banner and demonstrate—but demonstrating is really not my thing.

I’m not particularly proud of that fact—I believe there are many issues that are worth fighting for—but my particular method is to write about them; and, if the opportunity exists, to speak.

It’s a gorgeous day—an absolutely cloudless blue sky—and my local squirrel has been out and about from an early hour. What he has been up to, I don’t know, but I confess I’m curious. You see the immediate tree I look out at is dead—though its bark is so beautiful, I find it endlessly fascinating. Just behind it, the trees are all hale and healthy, but it is the dead tree that holds my interest—and, it seems, that of my local squirrel. Clearly, I need to learn squirrel.

I have begun filling in my missing blogs. I have done that for a few days before, but back-tracking for over two weeks is a greater challenge. Is it worth doing?

I certainly cannot justify it in economic terms, but I am determined to complete a year with a blog written every day—and I believe the challenge is worth it. Exercises the mind.

Based on my limited knowledge of squirrel gestures, he thinks I’m nuts.


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