Friday, November 7, 2014

(#37-1) November 7 2014. Life is worth savoring—so is good writing (which is part of life in case you hadn’t noticed—a rather important part as far as I am concerned). But skimming seems to be replacing reading. That means you get through a lot—and understand very little. Perhaps that explains the mid-terms.




From time to time I’ll ask a friend of mine whether  he or she ever looks at this blog, and the classic answer is: “I skim it every now and then.”

Am I hurt by such comments? Not at all (not quite true). But, I’m sufficiently a realist to know that today we are exposed to far too much material to read in the time available—even if we were so inclined to do so. In that context, I feel somewhat fortunate to be skimmed occasionally. It may be a dubious honor—but it is still an honor. Besides, if truth be told—and today I am in the mood for it—my core motivation is that I write for myself.

Yes, of course I want and need an audience—and gain the greatest pleasure from my fan mail and other reader reactions—but if nobody read my work, I would still write (and enjoy it hugely)..

Writing can be about fame, fortune, and the respect of one’s peers—but it yields its greatest reward from the doing.

Very spiritual. Very Zen.

Very, very, hard to explain.

The easier the read—the harder the work. Damnably hard to write well.

Worth all the effort you put into it.

VOR words 212.

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