Saturday, July 20, 2013



Currently, my subconscious is doing its own thing—which can be somewhat discombobulating.

By that, I mean that instead of quietly working away according to my priority list, as determined by my conscious mind, it seems to have its own agenda. 

The cheek of it!

Now, this is scarcely a new phenomenon—the damn thing has had a mind of its own for as long as I can recall—but it normally wanders within tolerable parameters.

No longer! Instead it seems to have decided to work on a book which I have not planned to write for some time. As a consequence, I am being fed ideas—which have nothing to do with the task at hand—at  a near overwhelming rate (and they are mostly good ideas).

In fact, it looks like I’m going to be forced to write them down which rather defeats my fight to avoid being distracted. On the other hand, good ideas are rare and wonderful things, but have a habit of going walkabout if not given a home. In short, they demand to be written down. Let me stress the imperative: ideas have absolutely no manners.

As I have remarked previously, my subconscious tends to behave itself when I’m in the zone—as I was when working on the screenplay—but it seems to have a low threshold of boredom and to misbehave when I’m working on anything else.

An author’s mind can be a tough place to inhabit.

What is this book to be about? I’m a believer in the notion that books should not be talked about until written—but I’ll give you a broad hint. It will be a military novel complete with political intrigue, copious action, sex, humor, and much else besides.

I’ll probably have to share credit with my subconscious.

And yes! The tank in the illustration is an Israeli Merkeva. Is that a clue to my book—or a deception?

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