Friday, July 19, 2013



House of Cards

For some strange reason, I stopped blogging on May 31 2013. If I have the energy, I intend to fill in the gap because I’m determined to complete a year without a break—but I feel very bad that I let it happen in the first place. I feel I have let both my readers and myself down.

My apologies to us all!

The irony is that I didn’t do it consciously. I made no decision to stop blogging temporarily. Instead, I decided the screenplay I had written could be further improved—and seem to have focused all my efforts on that task to the exclusion of virtually everything else.

Very strange! Downright obsessional, one might say—except that the saving grace was that I achieved the improvement I was after. It’s amazing what you can do with absolute focus, 70 hours a week, and nearly three months.

I also managed to put my back out a few weeks ago. After it, I could stand or lie down without too much pain—but sitting was agony. This created decided problems where writing was concerned. Clearly I shall have to learn to type standing-up just in case such a thing happens again (or would kneeling add a special intensity?). Meanwhile, I’m delighted to say, I’m recovering.

You know the irony is that I really like blogging. It seems to anchor me somehow—and it definitely stimulates creativity. I can only conclude that my imperative to do the best possible job on the screenplay overrode that pleasure.

On to a more cheerful subject: I’m truly delighted that Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS has been nominated for multiple Emmys. It is a singularly impressive production  – especially when shown without ads. It shows what can be done with U.S. TV, but rarely is. Good for Netflix! Praise to all concerned.

Sometimes I wonder about American free-market capitalism. Actually I wonder about it very often. So, if the polls are to be believed, is an ever increasing proportion of the rest of the population.

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