Thursday, October 2, 2014

NF #1. New blog format—shorter and more personal—which I will probably introduce over time. This first one is a test.



FORMAT CHANGES. I’ve had a lot of fun with the previous format, but I think the time has come to make this blog both more personal—and shorter. I will still write longer pieces but they will be kept separately—and probably as downloadable PDFs. I’ve still got to work that out.

I’m changing the blog for several reasons.

  • I need the time to do other things.
  • You, my readers, are, generally speaking, too busy to read a long blog—unless the subject particularly interests you.
  • It’s fun to experiment.

I’m going to try and limit the typical length of a blog (as opposed to an essay on some specific topic) to under 300 words.

HEALTH. It seems I really did give myself a serious hammering mid April. I wasn’t fully out of pain until some time in August—and the whole business had quite an impact on my work. I eased up a bit in September—I needed a mental break—but I’m now pretty much back to full output—and scrambling to catch up.

BOOK WRITING. My next Fitzduane book will be THE DRAGON’S RESPONSE. I first worked out the outline of the story in the mid-90s and now it is screaming to be written. In fact, it was one of the reasons why I spent so much time researching the U.S. Army in the first place. The parallels with the ISIS situation are amazing. I expect when the book comes out people will say it was inspired by ISYS. Actually it was inspired by a vacation in a country in that troubled part of the world which struck me as a perfect location for a battle. In short, I planned the battle first. In fact, for a long time I wasn’t sure I was going to feature Fitzduane in the story—but he talked his way in. Characters do that.

307 words.

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