Sunday, October 5, 2014

#4 October 5 2014. Slightly the worse for wear. The trouble with a good night out is the morning.



I confess feeling a little battle-damaged this morning though I got up bright and early. Call it a case of having too much fun the previous evening. Good company though.

I have spent the day paying for my sins by focusing almost entirely on administration—something I’m not overly partial too. This is where my particular form of dyslexia causes me trouble. I’m actually quite good at setting up systems, but then my mind switches to writing, and I forget quite what I have done. According to a long piece I read on the condition, I am far far from alone. It makes you wonder how and why a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs are dyslexic.

My particular hate is data entry—trying to find a place to put the mass of notes and addresses I seem to accumulate.

In your phone, I hear you cry!

Hmm! I don’t have a Smartphone. But, even if I did, I’d still have to enter the stuff in the first place. I do have a cell, but have a tendency to put it somewhere where I can hear it, but not see it. Or maybe the damn things move by themselves. My favorite phone is actually a Polycom loudspeaker phone which has excellent voice quality—and the good manners not to hide.

Later, I updated my Promotional Plan and started updating my checklist—and the finally got to writing.

Paradise! I live, and love, to write.

It is now, after 9.00 pm and I guess it’s time to prepare some food. I’ve been working for 14 hours on tea alone. Strangely enough, I feel fine.

The good news is that I feel a little more on top of things—and now I’ve got a clear writing plan for the next 15 months.

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