Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#6 October 7 2014. My first editor, Rosemarie Morse—a very special woman



41369_694968148_2883_nI heard from my first editor, Rosemarie Morse, the other day. Apparently she has retired. The publishing world will be the worse for it.

She is a delightful woman—and attractive with it—and we became pretty good friends when she was editing my first book, GAMES OF THE HANGMAN. And no, we were not remotely an item. We both had significant others at the time. But we were buddies.

I saw more of her than than is probably usual under such circumstances because I decided to stay in New York for several months, both to see the editing through, and to learn a little more about publishing—and to enjoy myself. In those days, I still lived in Dublin, Ireland—so New York came as something of a shock to me (albeit a pleasant shock). It was certainly a contrast with my thatched cottage in Ireland where I had written most of the book.

I had been warned so much about crime in the city that initially I was hyper cautious. However, soon I relaxed and walked everywhere without much concern. In fact, I never was mugged—though I did encounter a vast pool of blood where someone had just been stabbed to death during a drug buy. It’s amazing how much blood a human being can leak under the right—or do I mean the wrong—circumstances.

It was Rosemarie who asked me to put more sex into the early part of the book because a girlfriend had said she liked a little excitement towards the beginning. Needless to say I obliged.

Rosemarie treated her authors with respect—which is certainly not always the case in traditional publishing. She would recommend changes, but always insist that it was my book—so it was up to me to decide.

I got to know Rosemarie socially as well. She was generous with her time, and introduced me to some fascinating people.

I haven’t seen Rosemarie for many years—and I regret that. She is one of the Good Guys—and they are not that common in traditional publishing. 

I hope we meet again.

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