Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yes, I do blog ahead sometimes. If the words are flowing, I keep going. I should not really post the result immediately—one a day is more than enough—but, once written, I like to see them up. Yes, I should (perhaps) be more patient…

I'm never, I hope, stupid enough to believe that Twitter or blogging or any of this stuff is a substitute for actually doing the work or writing a book.

Neil Gaiman

Another reason I post blogs ahead of the due date is because they look different—and better—once posted. Once up, I’m very reluctant to take them down. Call it pride of authorship. I also want to get onto the next one—or something else. I work hard to limit the time I spend on blogging. I regard it as an important discipline—but absolutely not the main event.

As far as I am concerned, a blog is officially posted when I put its date in the title. Up until then—while it is undated—it is only there unofficially. There is a date above it at that stage put there automatically by Blogger (the web service) but you will notice it is not in the title. In effect, an officially posted blog is dated twice—once in the title and once above it.

Confusing? I hope not. It’s just my system to ensure I have one blog a day.

I find I am switching much of my blogging to the weekend to keep my main working days clear for more serious tasks. The exceptions come when an idea grabs me by the throat (ideas will grab you anywhere to get your attention). Then I find it makes most sense to write the thing there and then.

I tend not to get blog ideas when I’m in the middle of something else important. Being in the zone is all about focus so it has an insulating effect. However, when I take a break, or do a chore, ideas have a habit of infiltrating.

Ideas are wonderful, and I’m driven by them, but they are also fickle, elusive, unpredictable—and ruthless. You can have an idea—yet you can never own one. If so inclined, they will do anything to get your attention—yet they will betray you in a heartbeat. Once gone, you don’t know quite what you are missing—but the sense of loss is palpable.

But, they are the stuff of life—and fascinating

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