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imageThe headline is in Norwegian, which, of course, you know. Where else would one go for cutting edge aeronautics? The Vikings have never quite surrendered the Viking spirit.

But, back to this completely amazing miniature aircraft.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about a UAV—roughly the size of a humming-bird—which was in operational use in Afghanistan right now. The above is a picture of it. Note that it it is being held between gloved thumb and forefinger. It is that tiny, yet it is a fully functional and operational surveillance aircraft which flies like a helicopter and can remain airborne for 25 minutes while transmitting either video or still photographs down to you. That is an extraordinary capability for such a small device. 

British soldiers in Afghanistan have been issued palm-sized Black Hornet Nano UAVs to scou...

It is made by Proxdynamicsa Norwegian company.

Prox Dynamics’ Mission
Prox Dynamics’ mission is to develop, produce and sell the world’s smallest unmanned aircraft systems. We will create new innovative solutions based on modern micro electronics, new sensor technology, creative aerodynamics and efficient low cost production techniques. We will work closely with leading partners and customers to deliver cost optimal and functional products.

Making the impossible possible
This is our vision. We have set goals for our products that may seem impossible to reach. Our broad and world leading competence in micro helicopter technologies combined with excellence in system integration, hardware development and signal processing enables us to push the limits of available technology.

Through our values – Simplicity, Innovation and Dedication– we will achieve our goals, and establish ourselves as a leading supplier of the smallest UAS.

Prox Dynamics was founded by Petter Muren in December 2007, and builds on many years of experience in
micro helicopter technologies. Petter was the first to design a passively stable helicopter rotor system that later formed the basis for radio controlled toy helicopters. He worked several years as a consultant for a major Nano Air Vehicle project before he put his ideas into his own company.

Developments in micro electronics, especially in mobile phone and battery technologies, have made it feasible to develop advanced flying platforms that weigh just a few grams. Teaming up specialists in video and signal processing, hardware design and operational know how created the necessary foundation for the company. During 2009 the company more than doubled in size creating the largest UAS Company in Norway.

System Specifications

A Complete PD-100 PRS Comprises
• PD-100 Nanocopter UAVs
• Base Station
• Total Systems Mass less than 1 kg (2 lbs), excluding display
• Dimensions approx. 200 x 85 x 50 mm (8 x 3.5 x 2 inches)


• Rotor Span 120 mm, Mass 16 gr including Camera
• Maximum Speed 10 m/s, Endurance up to 25 minutes
• Digital Data Link, Range 1000 m Line-of-Sight
• GPS Navigation or Visual Navigation through Video
• Autopilot with Autonomous and Directed Modes
• Hover & Stare, Automatic Search Patterns, Preplanned Routes

• Steerable EO Camera (pan/tilt)
• Live Video and Snapshot Images


Base Station
• Mission Planning, Execution and Analyses
• Display connections, Functions and System Controls
• Storage of Mission Data including Video and Images
• Connections to PC, Network and other Peripherals
• UAVs housed inside for Protection and Support

System Status
The development of the PD-100 Black Hornet PRS started in April 2008. Several prototypes and technology demonstrators have been produced, and serial production was established in early 2012. The system is the world’s first operational nano-system and is currently in service with international units.

The PD-100 Black Hornet PRS is under Norwegian Arms Control and will only be sold to government institutions and organizations.

PDD handheld display unit

The PDD is a small and ruggedized stand alone handheld VGA display ideal for mobile applications that has strict requirements with regard to size, weight and power consumption.


• Rugged, design to be used in demanding environment
• Daylight readable screen
• VGA compatible
• Resolution 800 x 480 pixels
• Low power consumption
• ON/OFF and brightness control
• Size 206 x 120 x 24 mm
• Weight 0.6 kg (excluding batteries)

All specifications and descriptions may be changed without prior notice. Prox Dynamics AS take no responsibility for the use and/or interpretation of this information.


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