Wednesday, November 3, 2010


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Holy Cow! Department
I’ve sworn not to write about the Mid Terms in this blog – I have moved my political and economic stuff to  (after my book TITANIC NATION) – but ‘We The Confused’ sums up my reaction. Exactly how voting back in the very party that caused the economic mess in the first place will help the situation is a mystery to me – not that I hold the Democrats in much higher regard. But I’ll write about all of that separately after all the results are in. Personally, I’m in favor of doing what the Founders expected to happen after a couple of decades – changing the Constitution to make it work better. It’s a very fine document but it’s not a sacred cow.

Gold Watch Department
I used to think that when I reached retirement age, and was supported by the large pension contributed by a grateful nation, corporation or academic institution – I would probably have won a Nobel Prize - I would spend the morning reading the newspapers and the afternoon tending my roses – before relaxing with a glass of wine (and a woman who looked like Diane Sawyer) in front of TV after the stresses of an exhausting day. Instead, though I’m 66, I’m working about 90 hours a week (not an exaggeration) trying to develop a modus vivendi for the Internet; and, instead of a Diana look-alike, I find myself chatting to a companionable three legged Ninja cat called Charlie (Charlotte to strangers). But I’ll confess I’m enjoying myself; I love to write.     

Overbooked Department
Thanks to recent developments, getting published is now relatively simple but how does one get noticed – let alone bought – in a world where thousands of new books are being published every day (and no book ever goes out of print)? True, I may have as many as one to two million readers out there but will they remember me in this age of distraction?  I look forward to finding out. If forgotten here, I may be forced to write in Chinese. They seem to be the coming country and even a small slice of 1.3 billion readers should enough for a civilized lifestyle. My friend, Chet Vanek, inventor extraordinaire (I met him during a supergun shoot at Livermore Lab) thinks I should give up on Diane and get a Chinese wife. It certainly works for him. New baby too. Nice people.

Where were you? Department
I stopped blogging for a couple of weeks because I wanted to give the digisphere my full focus (akin to descending into the bowels of the earth – and it was a successful mission) - but I’m back to writing with some relief. Exploring is wonderful, but if I don’t write my appendages drop off and my ears droop.

Interesting People Department
I’m privileged to know some very interesting people – and fortunately they span the political spectrum - so I’m forced to exercise my little gray cells. Jed Babbin is one..  He’s forthright, intelligent, thoroughly entertaining and an excellent writer. We don’t quite agree politically but he makes me think, gets me out of my comfort zone. Google him!
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