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Department of “I’m reading again.”
I have many friends who have Kindles and all are impressed by the device. True, it doesn’t do color but its great strength is that one can read one for hours – much like a book – and you don’t get eyestrain. That is HUGE – especially as you get older or if you read a lot. Further, you can scale the type so read at whatever size you wish. Yesterday, an elderly man really got my attention when he proudly produced a Kindle DX (the one with the large screen) and said: “I’m reading again.”

This isn’t to put down the iPad – which is a truly marvelous device – but merely to say that when it comes to pure reading, the Kindle (in its various forms) is the best device currently available. It’s easy on the eyes; it’s light and easy to hold; it makes book buying incredibly easy and convenient – not to say fast; its battery life is excellent; and its controls are well thought out and easy to operate.
My only reservation about the standard Kindle is that I find the screen a little small. It is still entirely readable but it is not quite like a paperback – the standard which it is frequently compared with – because it contains fewer words per line at a comfortable reading size. This isn’t a major problem – page change is now fairly speedy – but I am predisposed towards the larger Kindle DX. Unfortunately, the DX is currently priced at $379. Is it worth it? I think so – if you can afford it. It also makes me think that a laptop with a similar screen might be of some interest. True, one would lack color but there is a lot to be said for a screen that one could read from for hours.

The National Networker Department.  I was introduced to this outfit by a professional colleague that I met on LinkedIn (of which more some other time). Essentially TNNW is a mutual help organization designed to give small companies some of the clout of larger organizations through mutual support. At first I was skeptical – I’ve been exploring so many sites – but then I found they had put out a press release about me that had been picked up by Digg. Hmm! We shall see. The internet is an intriguing combination of the truly impressive and the decidedly dubious and it’s hard to tell at first.

The Really Good Movie I missed the first time around department.
I stumbled across TO KILL THE KING quite by accident. It’s a completely compelling costume drama set during the aftermath of the English Civil War when Oliver Cromwell (Tim Roth) was pushing for King Charles I’s removal but was somewhat held in check by Roundhead general, Lord Thomas Fairfax. Watch and be fascinated. Marvelous screenplay, acting, costumes, décor and direction.  
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