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Death by FedEx department: We are indeed a manipulated nation.
I have long found it a paradox that the U.S. Government is willing to spend $150 billion odd a year on foreign wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to defeat terrorism while at the same time refusing to take adequate precautions where air freight is concerned. Little old ladies are strip searched but remarkably little has been done about checking out freight. That means that although the cabin may be clear of lethal devices and the pilots safe behind their re-inforced door, you could well be sitting above a bomb in the baggage department. Why has this situation been allowed to exist for so long? Because even after 9/11 there has been an unresolved debate as to who should pay to check out the vast amount of air freight that is sent. Accordingly, I have been prone to talk about ‘death by FedEx’ for many years – to no effect - though really it could be any carrier. It’s a ludicrous situation and a perfect example of how so much that is done in the name of security is mere theatre. We are, indeed, a manipulated nation.

And for my next departmental trick, I’ll freeze all your electronics. Not good if you are in an aircraft. You die.
The recent discovery of explosive devices concealed in toner cartridges (a major intelligence success) should result in more effective precautions being instituted (though don’t count on it) but that will still leave the much neglected field of e-bombs. E-bombs are devices that send out bursts of energy which zap all electronic devices with in range. A nuclear weapon is an ultimate e-bomb but you don’t need a nuclear weapon to get a similar result if range is not an issue. Instead, a comparatively small device – about the size of a domestic refrigerator – could neutralize all electronics  inside a building; or inside an aircraft if conveniently located in the baggage department. And what does an aircraft whose controls don’t work do? It crashes.

But surely an e-bomb would be detected? Actually no. So how do I know? Well, it’s a strange story department
I’ll make it short. I carry out consulting assignments as well as writing and back in 2004, or thereabout, I carried an assignment for a company researching e-pulse weapons. To test out their detectablity, I suggested sending one (suitably de-activated) across the U.S. by air freight. Without warning me in advance, the company did just that – and sent it to my home.  

Department of: If it looks like a bomb and ticks like a bomb and contains explosives, it probably is a bomb. But supposing it just contains electronics and looks like some kind of computer…
No one will say a word.

Oh, and by the way..  department
I feature just such a device in my soon-to-be-released book SATAN’S SMILE. 
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