Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whatever Happened To Eagle & Cuckoo?

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Eagle & Cuckoo (E&C to their friends) are alive and well. Indeed, they are thriving. However, I stopped writing about them on a daily basis because I fell in love.

With them, may I add.

Frankly, it is not the first time in my life that I have fallen in love with two ‘birds’ (UK slang for women) but it is certainly the first time that I have become so fond of two actual birds – and both male at that. But, tolerance is one of life’s finer qualities; and this wasn’t sexual. It was creative passion – the highest form of love of them all. Or such is my view as I write this. I have held different views at different times under different circumstances.  Love is both an imperative; and a broad church. And it can mean a whole lot of trouble. But not, I hope, in this case.

E&C started off as an experiment. I wanted to find out could I comment on the U.S. political situation in a less in-your-face manner than most opinion columns; and I thought humor might be the right approach. And then Eagle & Cuckoo just popped into my mind, along with their manic world. And the rest just evolved. Authors write about their characters taking over. This was an all encompassing occupation. E&C’s world, and their values, became as real to me as more own.

I ceased writing E&C for a while because I wanted to turn their story into a book. That meant a great deal of work because first I had to set the scene, then link what I had written to date into a coherent storyline, and then drum up a middle and an end. I wanted the story to end with a bang. I am, primarily  (where my published books are concerned) a thriller writer. Action is my business.

The deed is now done. I’m amazed, exhilarated and delighted. But what comes next?

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