Friday, September 30, 2011

E&C Return #6: Eagle Contemplates Eagles And Leadership–And Makes A Resolve

Roman Legion

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Eagle chatted with Plip’s group for another hour, and left confident that they had considered just about everything about the requirements of presidential leadership that  intelligent young eagles could. 

He wondered did it help or hinder that the eagle’s own system was different. He was appointed by the Council of Elders and served at their pleasure. With the post of Eagle – he was the only eagle whose name was never used – came considerable powers and as many responsibilities. But he could be removed at any time by a single majority vote.

He regarded it as a reasonable rule, but had never thought twice about it. He was guided by principle, and though he had made mistakes in his early years, his vision and integrity had never been in doubt.

He felt quietly pleased by the fact, but it was truly remarkable how many nations – close to fifty – had chosen an eagle to be their national symbol. And then there were the eagles of the Roman legions, the eagles of Napoleon’s army, the stylized eagle of the Federal Republic of Germany, and even the eagles of Armenia. Eagles seemed to be synonymous with national power and leadership. But to what end was the question?

It seemed to Eagle that a leader without a clear vision for his people, no matter how competent in other ways, was little more than a political technician.

He was also convinced that a vision that didn’t advancing the wellbeing of all Americans was fundamentally flawed.

But what did wellbeing mean? Did it just mean money? Was that it for most Americans?

Eagle looked up at the sky, and then at the stunning beauty of his surroundings, felt the crisp mountain air against his feathers, and then contemplated the energy and enthusiasm of the Irks. Life was truly wonderful. As the kids liked to say: It was awesome.

Money (for humans) like plumbing, doubtless had its uses, but if wealth was the essence of the American Dream, it was scarcely surprising that the country was in as much trouble as it was.

As far as Eagle was concerned, humans were displaying a truly dramatic lack of both awareness of the wonder that surrounded them; and of imagination. There was so much they could do, but instead they were focused on the restoring the status quo. Madness! It was the status quo that had betrayed them. Nonetheless, it felt familiar and safe; and thinking was exhausting.

But, he was very fond of his Americans – ALL Americans - and he was damned if he was willing to let them self-destruct.

Sadly; frustratingly; they seemed to be obsessed with that objective,




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