Monday, September 26, 2011

E&C Return. #1. There Be Monsters Under the Bed…

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Eagle put his iPad aside for the moment. It was an invaluable tool for keeping up with events but sometimes the news was so depressing, he just wanted to soar into the sky and do some aerobatics.

He knew had to be incredibly well informed if he was to play a leading role in the Great Plan to save America – Cuckoo’s idea by the way – but there were times when he wondered whether all those human Americans were worth saving. They seemed to be nearly as dumb as owls, and owls – as everyone knew - were the dumbest birds in the sky. 

“The issues aren’t very well reported,” he said, “but if you take the trouble to look, most of the information about Eagle-Land’s decline is there,” he said. “But Americans don’t seem to want to look.”

“They are afraid,” said Cuckoo. “They don’t want to look under the bed because they are terrified of what they’ll find. There be monsters there you know. And they don’t want to find that the American Way of Life has been largely a myth for the last forty years. ”

“Very true,” said Eagle. “But has it occurred to them that if they don’t deal with the monsters, the monsters are going to deal with them.”

“You’re thinking logically,” said Cuckoo, “just like an eagle. But humans don’t think logically. They’re more like ostriches.”







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