Friday, February 21, 2014


Mainly as a result of my work, I have been running across some interesting websites recently—and have determined to give them more publicity than I have been, particularly where fellow book lovers are concerned.

Books are my life, we writers need all the help we can get, and anyone who is passionate about books and reading, is my friend—and someone who I want to support. is based upon the appealing premise of “bringing you all things books” and is best described in the site author’s own words:

Life always existed for me, more real at times, through the books I read and their characters than the life I’ve lived. My dream is to provide a place where you want to sit down, get comfortable with your favorite beverage and select a book from the authors featured here that will help you escape to that place where only you – and your favorite characters – exist.

Room With Books began when my interest in Facebook first reconnected me with family around the country. Through them I made many Facebook friends. With the help and encouragement of my cousin, Linda Boulanger, a publisher, cover designer, editor, and most importantly, an author, I began sharing posts from many of the friends I made and I soon realized I had an avid interest in promoting new and established authors, helping with book cover reveals, book releases and other book publishing events. Thus Room With Books was born.

I currently have several Facebook pages I’m involved with, but the one I’m most partial to is . Please come over for a visit, like the page, and be sure to keep me posted of any new authors or upcoming releases you would like to see featured here!

The site is run by Patricia—and, excellent content apart—is clean, elegant and visually appealing. In short, it has style.

Commendable work. Well worth visiting.

The above graphic is featured on Patricia’s LinkedIn profile.

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