Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Report published in 2013

I have never really understood the male attitude towards women. If a good quality of life, linked with a reasonable degree of contentment, is the standard we aspire to, it has long seemed to me that women are better at achieving it than men. Beyond that, it has been my observation that where men do achieve a pleasant life style, there are almost women involved somewhere. It has often struck me that without women, we males would be lost. Perhaps that is not the case if you are a gay man, but even so, mothers, sisters, female relatives and friends play a vital role.

I say this despite having had a very difficult upbringing—largely because of my charismatic but dangerously unpredictable, violent, and self-indulgent mother (who was not without her good points)—and despite having encountered some truly unpleasant women in my life. But, the good has far, far, outweighed the bad. Starting with my much loved grandmother, Vida Lentaigne, I have been privileged to know—and, in many cases still know—some truly wonderful women. Sadly, some have died before their time—almost all of cancer (which in itself makes me wonder).

Leaving sex out of it (as if you can) women—generally speaking—are more practical, more caring, better at intimacy, markedly less violent, and extraordinarily competent if given a chance. Many are beautiful—regardless of age (and beauty is more than a physical thing). Frankly, without them, life wouldn’t be worth living. We probably wouldn’t have the option.  Leaving reproduction out of it, males have a pronounced tendency to want to kill each other—and to do so.

In some ways, I’m surprised the male sex hasn’t died out. Given the way technology is progressing, it remains a possibility.  

Are women more trustworthy? Here I would say no. That practical streak ensures that. But are they any less trustworthy than we males? I’ll have to think about that—but I doubt it. Ego, ambition, and stupidity make men just as treacherous.

By now you’ll gather that I hold women in high regard. I do so based not only on my own experiences, but through observation. In fact, it’s hard to find a field where women don’t hold their own if given a chance.

We now come to the thorny question of why American society still treats women so badly. I can think of a number of reasons for it:

  • Historically, women have long been exploited because men are stronger—so have been able to. This falls into that classic category of: They do it because they can. It’s a power thing.
  • Women—overall—tend to be less ambitious; and are more reluctant to fight their corner.
  • Women have been socially conditioned to accept the status quo.
  • The current American Business Model is based upon paying low wages and salaries wherever possible.
  • Our political system continues to be dominated by men.

This is yet another American structural problem—and it is about time it was solved.

This is yet a further example of the need to update the Constitution. If we had any sense we would arrange it that virtually all our institutions—both public and private—were run on a 50/50 basis. We’d be better off for it—and there would be more love and less war.



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