Sunday, December 1, 2013


About two and a half months ago I ceased blogging for a while because I felt I needed the time to focus on another matter (which I will explain in the fullness of time). I was also somewhat tired, I guess, because I had been blogging virtually every day for the previous year (actually, rather more) – and doing much else besides. Thirdly, I wanted to think about the best way to blog in the future. Would I continue to blog every day – or commit to a less demanding schedule?

On balance, I regret ceasing to blog. Yes, it does take up valuable writing time, but it is a marvelous discipline for a writer to adhere to; is inspirational in its own right; and is as good a way of communicating to family, friends, and fans as I can imagine – and relieves you all of the burden of having to write back – so I’m returning to the fray as from December 1 2013 with great pleasure. I’m choosing December 1 for the sake of neatness – and because I can never remember dates.

I’m not going to commit to blogging every day – though I well may. Instead, I’m going to commit blogging at least twice a week with “the blog of the week” appearing every Monday.

Between you, me, and the gate-post, it’s good to be back.

Did I miss you? Well, I don’t want to be sentimental about it – hell, I’m a thriller writer – but I guess I sort-of did.

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