Sunday, August 26, 2012


Having described the theoretical idleness of my idleness of my Saturdays, I guess I had better be honest about Sundays. Well, at this stage my work ethic tends to have cut in again, and I feel guilty about not working. Accordingly, I resolve to catch up and to start the week afresh.

Normally, I fail. Often, I get a get a great deal of work done on Sundays, but rarely quite what my work ethic demands. Something in me resists and I watch Meet The Press or similar.

It seems the White Rabbit and yours truly have a great deal in common. “I’m late, I’m late…”

Still, I enjoy my Sundays.

Normally, I work at least ten hours a day, but I am increasingly of the view that I would be more effective if I worked only four days a week and regarded the balance as I currently regard my Saturdays. I write that as someone who greatly enjoys his work, but who feels we haven’t given this work/life balance issue adequate thought. In truth, that is something of an understatement as far as the U.S., is concerned. We are the only nation in the developed world which doesn’t mandate vacations. It’s interesting to examine the performance of countries which do provide vacations. Mostly, it exceeds ours.

As for retirement, I find the prospect chilling. I can understand its relevance if one has one been working for decades at a job one does not enjoy; but I would write seven days a week if I had the energy.

Still, regardless of what I actually do, I rather like the idea of thinking I don’t have to work for three days a week. Since boarding school at too early an age (5) I have never much liked compulsion.

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