Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today is Saturday, my self-designated day for relaxing and doing absolutely nothing in. I truth, I don’t do absolutely nothing, and frequently work extremely hard on Saturdays, but the important thing is that I don’t feel I have to. From Monday to Friday, I am driven by my work ethic. At the weekend, I like to fool myself that I have – temporarily - escaped it.

Am I deluding myself?

Of course. Nonetheless, I enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling of being able to sleep-in, and read for hours. Normally, even at weekends, I get up around six, but today, Saturday, I dozed and listened to the radio until nearly 1.00 pm – and feel much the better for it. I love NPR and would burn incense towards it if I could find a local supplier. Actually, I tend to think of incense as “joss sticks” and really do find a joss stick or two very relaxing. The smell is wonderful, and I have so many happy memories associated with such a smell, that each experience is happier still.

When did I first encounter joss sticks? I was probably no more than eight or nine. At the time, my parents loved to scour antique and junk shops – and, within the limits of my pocked money, I became a collector. Some of the cheaper items were joss stick holders and similar – and thus I encountered joss sticks. I burned them regularly from that time.

Wiki states that ‘joss’ is derived from the Latin deus (god) via Portu guese. I was merely taught that ‘good joss’ was good luck.

I have always found it to be so.

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