Thursday, October 20, 2011

VOR’s Turn: The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Writer

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“Creativity is hugely about stamina.”

I have written this before many times, but it is worth repeating.

The core reason?

Creativity is about innovation and change; and we humans seem to be programmed to resist it. We like our comfort zones, and will resist any and all attempts to drag us out of them. We believe in the devil we know, rather than that new thing, new person, new idea. New means different, and “different,” just in itself, reflects a challenge.

For all that, we crave something new, so creativity is hugely about hacking through the thicket of initial hostility and enduring – sometimes for years, often for decades - until one’s work is recognized. I suspect that sometimes it never is.

What keeps one going?

The work itself. If you are genuinely creative, you will cultivate an inner voice which will tell you, in no uncertain terms, whether you are doing good work or not. That inner voice is an amazingly powerful motivator.

But, is it possible, one could be merely delusional?

Absolutely! But that is why the fates gave you a sense of humor.




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