Monday, October 10, 2011

VOR’s Turn: H. G. Well’s Very Active Love Life

H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells (Image via

There is a marvelous piece on David Lodge’s book about H.G. Well’s love life in the October 2011 Atlantic Magazine.

It was written by Christina Schwarz and elegantly illustrates the point that less can sometimes be more.

Never heard of the lady before, but will look out for her writing in the future.

I should add that The Atlantic is an exceptional publication.

The title of the book is MAN OF PARTS. It would seem Wells lived up to it – as well as being a rather agreeable fellow.

Let me quote a short extract form Ms. Schwarz’s entertaining piece:

“Ultimately, this novel’s sensitive and lively examination of its protagonist’s relationships with women (including, most famously, Rebecca West)—his appreciation of their charms, his responses to their needs and personalities, the social and emotional difficulties in which his love for them embroils him—is what really fleshes out (so to speak) his attractive character.”


Christina Schwarz’s novels include Drowning Ruth and All Is Vanity.




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