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You would think this issue would be resolved by now. I'm heavily biased by my years of trouble with a PC.  Windows 7 is better but even so I don't think it compares.

Victor O'Reilly • Kay – 
Thank you for the reference to 

I Checked it out and it has proved to be most interesting. Personally, I bought Final Draft – pretty much the industry standard - some years ago, but have been so focused on books, I have never taken the time to learn it properly. Nonetheless, I have liked what I have seen.

As it happens, all my published books were optioned for the movies but, as is normal, the last person the producer wanted involved with the screenplay was the book writer. I still hope to write an original screenplay one of these days but naturally I ‘write long.’ I have a son, Christian O’Reilly, a successful playwright, who naturally seems to ‘write short.’ Hmm! I suspect we would both like to master each other’s skills. 

Mark commented that one should chose the software first and then the platform. I accepted that for a long time but it no longer applies – if it ever did. (1) An operating system is crucial and the Mac’s is demonstrably superior. (2) A modern Mac will run both its own OS and Windows. (3) Macs have a better track record of reliability. (4) Macs are pretty much the norm in the movie business. (5) Mac boasts some highly relevant software which is not always available on Windows (though some is being ported across). (6) The extra cost of a Mac is as nothing compared with wrestling with the kind of computer problems a PC throws up.

Where the Mac model is concerned, ideally you want to go with a MacBook Pro (either 13 “ or 15” equipped with 8GB Memory and – probably bought elsewhere – a second screen. In truth, a 13” will do fine – and will be lighter. Don’t get a desk machine – though they are gorgeous – because they are harder to lug around and to maintain.

All of that said, you can write a perfectly good screenplay with a pencil and have it typed it by a friend. Hardware is not the issue in this case.

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