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President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ...Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

Dear You—

It strikes me that we are being remarkable unimaginative when it comes to both reviving the economy and solving our employment problem. I'll return to this theme but just to register the point, here is a piece on Brazil's recent achievements.

Brazil Generated 1.77 Million Jobs Last Year

August 5, 2010



Brazil generated 1.77 million jobs in 2009, despite the
effects of the international financial crisis that shook
much of the world, Brazilian authorities said Thursday.

"In a crisis year, the country generated 1.77 million
formal jobs. Brazil was the only country in the G20
(Group of 20) that generated that number of jobs,"
Brazilian Labour Minister Carlos Lupi declared.

Lupi said that by the end of this year Brazil will have
achieved the goal of creating 15 million jobs during the
presidency of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who took office
on January 1 2003 and is set to leave on December 31.

Lupi said Lula's government is only 1 million jobs short
of that goal.

"We will reach 15 million with relative ease," he said.

Lupi said public administration was the sector that
created most jobs in 2009. This was partly due to a
change in the law which banned the government from
hiring contractors to carry out tasks.

Civil construction, including the construction of
housing for low- income families and other
infrastructure, played a major role in the 11.37-per-
cent private sector employment expansion last year.

I'd say the above just about speaks for itself, wouldn't you?

Farewell for the moment. Write soon. I miss your wit and your company.




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