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A memorial set up outside St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown, Conn., where funerals were held Tuesday for two young victims of last week's school shooting.We live in a highly stressful society—unnecessarily so, in my opinion—so consequences are inevitable. Add in serious mental problems, and the chances of negative—even disastrous—consequences are high.

It has been reported than no less than one in five American children suffer from some kind of mental condition. That, in itself, is an appalling statistic which should have us all asking: Why? What are we doing wrong? Or is there something wrong with the medical profession?

Instead, we are focusing, yet again, on gun control—albeit an important issue in itself—instead of questioning the American way of life which seems to lead to so many adverse situations. Let me advance the view that if we are poisoning ourselves—and our children—tragic consequences are inevitable. And that is just what we are doing. If you are uncomfortable at my choice of the word “poisoning,” feel free to pick “contaminating” or “polluting.” The end result is equally lethal.

But this is a staggering accusation. Prove it.

A blog is scarcely the place to go into detail—but let me proffer some areas worthy of further investigation:

  • All of the U.S. is polluted by some chemical or other—whether it be by rocket fuel, pesticides, the detritus of cold-fired power stations—or some toxic brew made up of all the contaminants we release without thought into society.
  • The side effects of most chemicals are not researched—the situation is different in Europe—and we know almost nothing about the effect of combinations of such pollutants. However, where we do have research—as on lead or asbestos, for example—the findings are terrifying. For instance, we know that lead significantly impedes neural development.
  • Half of adult Americans, and virtually all seniors, are on legal medications—and frequently cocktails of such items. Not only do these have unknown side effects, especially when used in combination, but the resultant excreta contaminate the water supply—which we have no way of filtering as matters stand. In effect, we are poisoning ourselves and our water supply—and our children (both unborn and born). We don’t understand the full implications of this, but we already know some of the consequences are hideous.
  • We have opted, or have been conditioned to accept, Industrial Food. Whether eaten in a home or a restaurant or fast food outlet, this is inexpensive—but equally we know that the raw material is sub-standard—and that the end result, where the food is processed in any way, is laden with fats, fillers, salt, sugar and sundry other additives and chemicals to an extent that is actively harmful to our health (and that of our children).

Pump powerful chemicals and bad food into children, and it is inevitable that there will be adverse consequences; and that some will end in tragedy. Does that mean that guns are not to blame. I don’t know the answer to that, but I am fairly sure that deeper issues are involved—and that they are receiving inadequate attention.


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