Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Today, I backtracked and commenced making a written inventory of all the software I had been using—leaving out stuff I was definitely not interested in progressing. I should have done it before doing anything else, of course, but curiosity got the better of me. Now, I’m trying to make up for my sins.

Frankly, it is tedious work, but otherwise one tends to forget the software that isn’t used that often; or, at least, I do. Funnily enough, despite my dyslexia, I can remember all kinds of things across a wide spectrum—but I can’t remember my own telephone number. Where software is concerned, I don’t even try and remember serial numbers—which doesn’t matter if you keep reasonable records—but I can never recall all the programs I use apart from the major ones. And so I’m using check-lists; and they work.

Inventory apart, I have been installing a whole raft of second tier software—and, so far, so good (apart from the moved Delete key).

Surprisingly, because this is a budget priced machine, my HP Envy dv7 contains a fingerprint reader—so maybe that will solve my password issues.

Unfortunately, I hate touchpads so always use a laser mouse—a marvelous Logitech. However, I found my shirt cuff was swiping the touchpad and so moving the cursor to undesirable places. To solve that issue, I installed a free utility called TouchFreeze which neutralizes the touchpad when one is typing (but only then). Very clever.

So far, I haven’t transferred my data. I haven’t had to where the Cloud has been involved because everything is stored online, but all my correspondence and writing files are stored locally. Has the time come to store them in the Cloud as well? I think it probably has and plan to use MS Skydrive—though I will be keeping synchronized copies locally.

And to think all one needed once were a pen, ink and paper!



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