Thursday, September 20, 2012


What a week! I have been in super-intensive editing mode, and ended up so tired I slept for twelve hours on Friday night- and perhaps a little more. Either way, I didn’t feel able to get up until nearly 1.00 pm today; and was asleep most of the time.

But, at least, I was much refreshed. I don’t mind working hard – in fact I love it – but I will admit that no matter how much I enjoy what I do, simple fatigue eventually catches up with me; and Saturday is my self-appointed day of doing absolutely nothing. Of course, I cheat – and work on regardless – but the point is that I don’t feel I have to; and, if there is a good movie on the TV, I will break to watch it with a clear conscience.

In that spirit of volunteerism, I then went to work editing the last fifty or so pages of Satan’s Smile – and finally reached ‘THE END.’ Since I have been through the book many times, that shouldn’t, perhaps, have meant so much, but this time it will go into a binder marked ‘PUBLICATION DRAFT’ and that means a great deal.

Is it a good book? Frankly, it is a much better book than I ever thought I could write.

Will it hit the market soon? Yes, it will; and we are talking weeks rather than months.

Though I am writing this on Saturday, I think I’m going to post it as my Thursday September 20 entry. I’m going to try and hit every day even if sometimes I have to write in arrears. I doubt I’ll achieve perfection, but the intent is there.

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